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Roof Safety Anchor Points System in high-rise buildings provide robust attachment points, ensuring maximum worker safety during elevated tasks.

worker using a safety roof anchor points system

Roof Safety Anchor Point - The Ultimate Height Safety Solution

Working on roofs can be hazardous due to the risks of falling. Ensuring the safety of workers is a top priority. Roof anchor points offer a secure connection for workers to attach their safety harnesses and lanyards while working at heights. At SAS Projects, we specialize in providing high-quality roof anchor points, installation, and certification services to businesses across Australia.

Proper Positioning of Roof Anchor Points Solutions

Strategic positioning of roof anchor points is crucial for ensuring worker safety. Anchor points must be placed in easily accessible areas with maximum coverage for fall protection. Our team at SAS Projects will assess your roof and determine the optimal locations for anchor points, ensuring maximum coverage and easy access for workers.

SAS Projects is dedicated to providing top-quality height safety solutions, ensuring the safety of workers at heights. With our expert advice, installation, and maintenance services, you can trust that your workers will be protected and your business will be in compliance with Australian height safety regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our height safety systems and services, including height safety equipment and rope access systems.

Roof Anchor Points Installation Services

Our team at SAS Projects can advise on the most suitable anchor points for your specific application, ensuring maximum safety for workers and cost-effectiveness for your business. We provide professional installation services, meeting strict Australian height safety standards, and allowing for easy and convenient movement around the work area.

Don't wait for an incident,
Proactively implementing and maintaining height safety systems is critical for protecting your workers and meeting your obligations.
Worker climbing stairs to access anchor points at the roof


Why Choose SAS Projects?

Our systems are custom designed and expertly installed using the highest quality, Australian-made, and designed products. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, high quality system components, and cost-effective solutions - all backed by our 10-year product & installation warranty. With SAS Projects, you can rest assured that your workplace fully complies with Australian codes, standards, and legislation.

Choosing the right installation team is critical when it comes to height safety. That's why we're committed to providing the highest levels of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to our clients. Our installation teams are all trade-certified, and experienced and undergo annual height safety training to ensure the highest levels of workmanship and safety are upheld. We are accredited and preferred installers for Sayfa, SRA.

Certifications and Qualifications

SAS Projects adheres to or exceeds the regulations set by AS1891.4, AS5532, and AS4488. Our team of height safety experts is fully certified and qualified to provide the best advice, installation, and maintenance services for your roof anchor.

Advantages of Using Roof Anchoring Systems

Roof anchoring systems offer numerous benefits for workers and businesses:

Enhanced safety for workers at heights
Compliance with Work Health and Safety regulations
Cost-effective solution for fall protection
Wide range of options for various roof types and surfaces
Minimal impact on the visual appearance of the roof

Fall Arrest Anchors vs. Rope Access Anchors

Fall arrest anchors and rope access anchors serve different purposes in height safety equipment. Fall arrest anchors are designed to arrest a fall, preventing dangerous free-falls. Rope access anchors, on the other hand, are used in rope access systems, where workers rely on their ropes to move up, down, or across the work area.

Codes of Practice - Australian Standards

How to Manage Work Health & Safety Risks - Code of Practice (Safe Work Australia). 

This code provides practical guidance for businesses on how to identify, assess, and control workplace hazards to minimize risks to workers' health and safety.

Industry Codes for Fixed Platforms, Fall Arrest Systems,Static Lines, Walkways, Guardrails, Stairways, and Access Ladders (WAHA).

This industry code, published in September 2021, provides guidance on the design, installation, and maintenance of fixed platforms, walkways, guardrails, stairways, and ladders for working at height.

Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs)

EWPs are mobile units used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to elevated areas, often referred to as "cherry pickers" or "scissor lifts".

Advantages of Davit Systems:

Relatively low rental cost

Versatile reach range


Larger units can have significant footprints

Generally, two-person use capacity

Industry Code for Permanent Anchor Systems, Lifeline & Rail Installations for Working at Height (WAHA).

This code offers guidance on the design, installation, and maintenance of permanent anchor systems, lifeline, and rail installations for working at height.

Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces - Code of Practice (Safe Work Australia).

This code provides practical guidance on managing risks associated with falls at workplaces, including risk assessment and control measures.


Selecting the right facade maintenance system requires careful consideration. Each building is unique, and height safety solutions are not one-size-fits-all. At SAS Projects, we can assist you with new system designs or conduct auditing and/or system installation on your existing buildings. For advice on your requirements, contact us on the form below: